The New Road...

2017-05-19 20:32:36 by DJCat12

Hi everyone (I hope any people read this XD)

I am needed to change my name now, DJ Cat is no more my name, now, call me "Growl Kat". But because im not suporter on NG, my name is DjCat12 on NG, but I hope in another reds my name are changed (Until I get a Supporter acount).

Now my tracks will marked with the credits to Growl Kat, if you like my music check my name on the Growl Kat (Or if it is needed, the GK inicials).

And I will make better music with another styles with more much qualitu and with more melody, you can be sure to a good music in my Audio Channel ;)

Thanks for Reading...

Told to you: Erik Ramirez "Growl Kat"


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