Technical Problems...

2017-06-16 18:31:39 by DJCat12

Well Well Well...

Its Growl Kat here now, but with a long time with inactivity...

In my laptop usualy takes a little process I called "The Chainsaw Mode" (Because his sound likes a Chainsaw), this process makes my laptop expulse the hot air and make my procesor work with a better potence.

What is the problem? Well... I will worked in the school of a project simulating an documental with a team of 6 guys, but one of this guys has recorded a videos with his tablet, this guy download lots and lots of porn and some virus files, this things has infected my laptop (Because I will needed it to edit the video), and this will maked the chainsaw mode no more works, I will need this to use FL Studio (exactly to use plugins like Serum, Massive and Nexus 2), what is the results? I cannot use Serum, I cannot use basses in Masive and I cannot use some chords with plugins like Sylenth1, Harmor/Harmless or Nexus 2. I can use FL Studio but I cannot make Heavy Dubstep or Drum and Bass, and sure! I CANNOT MAKE HOUSE!, the music I can make with the better quality in this moments is the Game Soundtracks and some ambience music or whatever can be maked with light plugins (Likes Sytrus or True Pianos VST). My laptop has repared and changed his system to 64 bits, but the Chainsaw Mode no more appears.

I cannot make anythings with much complements or heavy sounds (Likes the Serum sounds) until the Chainsaw Mode can appear or I get a better procesor (an Intel Core I3 or I5 is a good idea).

Ok, with this anoying notice, I will try to make something in FL Studio or I will try to make some new content (I am learning now to program in Unity3D 5, I can upload some games to NG if it compatible or make anithing).

Triying to make something: Erik Ramirez "Growl Kat"


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